Spotlight: Trupti Devdas Nayak

trupti-croppedRole:  Senior Software Engineer

Hire Date:  June 2012

Fun facts:  Trupti was part of the team that had the winning entry for Chegg Hack Day 2012

“Chegg offers a great growth path – you can be as involved as you want in the strategy. If I have an idea, I can go right up to my manager or our leadership team and talk with them about it.”

Where were you before Chegg?

I was at Yahoo! doing Front-end engineering for Yahoo! Mail.

Why did you come to Chegg?

When interviewing last year, I was looking at the startup space and was keen on joining either a mid-size or smaller startup. I wanted to have an opportunity to continue to work on products which are used by millions of people – I love that adrenalin rush knowing that what I work on has a big impact. Chegg offers products and services which are used by millions of college students and I was very excited about the education space Chegg operated in, it is a new area which I’m eager to learn more about and work in. When interviewing, I met some really great people at Chegg and knew this was the place for me.

What are you working on here?

I’ve been at Chegg for just over 8 months now and as part of the front-end team, the most recent work I’ve done is providing the best-fit School Matches for Grad and Transfer students who are applying for college. I am also the frontend lead for Scholarships on Chegg which we launched a few months back. We’ve had scholarships feature on Zinch, but we wanted to make Scholarships available to all our users on Chegg as well, since finding the right one, applying for it and getting the scholarship is one of the top ways to save money while in school. We want students to sign up and find scholarships that are relevant to them and best match their profile and interests, and we’re using student data to help us do that.

Did anything surprise you about working here?

The first few All Hands meetings were awesome! I was really blown away. I read so many good things about Chegg in the news, but when I heard all the info presented in the All Hands meetings, it was such a positive and energetic vibe. Having our CEO, Dan, come in and present such great information and have everyone so excited about what’s ahead for the company, really was great to see.

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