Chegg Attends the PBWC Conference

A group of 10 women from Chegg recently attended the Professional Business Women of California Conference in San Francisco. It was a wonderful day of powerful keynote addresses, seminars and professional networking.

Over 4000 women from throughout California enjoyed talks by Sheryl Sandberg from Facebook, Governor Jennifer Granholm, actress and author Rita Moreno and Lareina Yee co-leader of McKinsey & Company’s research effort on Women in the US Economy. In addition to the keynotes, the conference featured sessions by over 30 presenters and thought-leaders on important issues related to professional businesswomen.

Members of the Chegg group attended sessions like Mastering the Art of Global Leadership, Disruptive Innovation for A Better World, and Body Language Tips for Women Who Lead.


Here’s what some of the Chegg employees said about the event:

“What I liked most about the conference was the positive energy of 4,000 other women professionals, who probably shared the same trials, tribulations and feelings that we all have about ourselves personally and professionally, especially when it comes to our careers. As a woman, a mother and working professional, it was empowering to learn that I work for a company who is very supportive of me and my career. I am very fortunate to be working for Chegg!” — Shannyn, Lead Designer

“I learned a lot in one day! Now I understand how important it is to speak up and not to be afraid to share what you think at work. And to make sure that the work will be done in the best possible way.” — Lana, Sr. QA Engineer

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Spotlight: Colin Murphy

COLINRole:  Product Leader for eTextbooks and our eReader application

Hire Date:  August 2012

Fun Fact:  While he was a college student Colin spent a Semester at Sea. He traveled by boat from Vancouver all the way to Florida.

“When you think about what Chegg is actually doing – helping students learn and study – it’s pretty easy to be excited about.”

What have you done in your first 9 months here?

A lot, actually, which has been great for me. Chegg is the largest company I’ve worked at and since I’ve worked at much smaller companies, I’m used to the dive in, swim, figure it out and get things done mentality. I was afraid that coming to a larger company would come with more structure and that I’d be a cog in the wheel, which isn’t the case here.

Day 1, I was diving into actual products. I’m working on the eReader application that students are using to read their eTextbooks on their Mac, PC, mobile device or iPad, and the day I started was in the middle of rush and our largest day ever for the eReader application. This product was dropped in my lap – which was amazing!

Since then I’ve been working on some cool things and have been taking advantage of our on site user Research Lab. We’ve had about a dozen students come in and use the eReader and got a lot of great feedback from those students. It was very important to students that the eReader experience is similar to the core experience of reading a book – like flipping the page or having high quality readability for example – so we’ve been focusing on the core foundation and making it a great experience for students.  Having real feedback from students is awesome and we’re working on other ways to get in depth and continuous feedback, which is really interesting to me.

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Spotlight: Paul Sri

paul-sriRole: Director of Search and Personalization

Hire Date: May 2012

Fun Fact: Paul loves to travel and has been all over the world including a trip to Bora Bora.

“I felt all this energy, commitment, and excitement when I started and I thought it was all just because I was in a honeymoon phase, but it hasn’t gone away…”

What does your team do?

We treat my team as two separate areas right now (search and personalization) but we hope that in the future there’s going to be many connections between the two teams and we will perhaps be able to combine them.

On the search side, we are discussing and brainstorming about the future of search for Chegg and seeing how we can take it to the next level. That could mean any number of things – maybe there’s a more integrated search experience or we have a single search box – there’s a lot we are exploring. The main goal is to improve search across all the different types of content we have – whether you’re searching for books, questions, courses and more.

On the personalization side, we’re building a platform, framework and other pieces of infrastructure to support the personalization efforts at Chegg. We already invested in a recommendation platform that we released towards the end of last year and we’re iterating on that now — making it more robust and continuing to explore other paths for investment.

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