Chegg Welcomes Class of 2013 Summer Interns


Chegg officially welcomed our intern class for summer 2013 this morning with a waffle mixer! We are always excited to have students working for us since they have the opportunity to give us real time feedback and a fresh perspective on how to improve products and services for students. In turn, interns are able to work on and influence a product they use in every day life. Having an internship program at Chegg also aligns with our mission of educating others, and it helps find potential future full time Chegg employees. This summer we have 4 of our 2012 summer interns joining us as full time employees in engineering, product, and marketing.

This year we have 24 interns across the company from 20 different schools. Along with working in various groups across the organization, they also partake in a number of events including a movie outing, bowling night, a Giants game, a speaker series getting to know our leadership team and the different areas of Chegg, and free Chegg textbook and homework help services for an academic year!

There will be future blog spotlights introducing each of the interns, but here is a list of our full summer 2013 intern class:

MacKenzie Adamis, Marketing (California State University, Chico)

Katherine Anderson, Engineering (University of Southern California)IMG_5108

Jamie Ayon, Marketing (Eastside Prep High School, headed to Princeton)

Chelsea Brown, Human Resources (California State University, Long Beach)

Matthew Bruemmer, Analytics/Supply Chain (Wisconsin School of Business, University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Yun Chi, Marketing Design (Wellesley College)

Andrew Dolan, Business Development (Stern School of Business, New York University)

Rishabh Goel, Analytics (Stanford University)

Jessica Halter, Marketing (Colgate University)

Matthew Herbst, Data Engineering (Miami University)

IMG_5102Annie Hsu, Business Development (Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley)

Quintin Leong, Analytics/Supply Chain (Menlo College)

Jessica Leslie, Content (Colgate University)

Annie Mandart, Marketing Services, Zinch China (Hobart and William Smith Colleges)

Nivedh Mudaliar, Engineering (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Omosola Odetunde, Engineering (Stanford University)

Jen Rogers, Marketing (Stanford University)

Max Scheiber, Engineering (University of Pennsylvania)

IMG_5105Andrew Smith, Marketing (Loyola Marymount University)

Jordan Varney, Engineering (Harvey Mudd College)

Geoffrey Vedernikoff, Engineering (University of Pennsylvania)

David Watson, Engineering (Johns Hopkins University)

Elizabeth Weisman, Marketing (Harvard University)

Jennifer Wibowo, Design (Rhode Island School of Design)

Welcome all!

Spotlight: Mark Ulrich

mark-ulrichRole:  Personalization & Data Science Intern

” It’s great to work at a place that caters to students. First of all, you contribute something that no one else at the company is able to do, because you’re a current student so you are really valuable in that respect..”

Tell me a little about your background.

I’m from Minneapolis and I attend Stanford as a third year student, majoring in Computer Science. I should have just finished my spring quarter, but instead I did a spring internship at Chegg.

Tell me something interesting about your time at Stanford so far.

After the end of my sophomore year, I got on a plane to the Bahamas to start Semester at Sea. We were sailing across the ocean and all around the Mediterranean – including Morocco and Croatia – where we spent a few days at each port and took some classes on the ship. I took Public Policy and Healthcare and Sustainable Economics. I wanted to take a class on sharks but that filled up too fast.

How did you hear of Chegg?

Chegg acquired a number of interesting companies, one being CourseRank, which was started at Stanford. I’d heard of the students who started CourseRank and was really impressed that they were able to create such a useful product while still in school. Right before I went abroad, I emailed one of the founders and asked if I could meet up with them to learn more about their work, which he was happy to do. Later, an internship opportunity came up and I interviewed over Skype and got the role.

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Spotlight: Vikram Naidu

vikramRole:  Finance Leader, Print and Digital

Hire Date:  June 2009

Fun Fact:  I love outdoor sports and played cricket and hockey. I was the captain of my University hockey team.

                                                     “there is internal mobility for your career and it’s a strong, growing company where you can make a significant impact.”

Why did you come to Chegg?

This was my first job out of school and I really wanted to work at a start-up for many reasons – the accelerated learning experience, the opportunity to work on many diverse and interesting problems and the ability to play a big role in critical business decisions. So that was really motivating to me. I started looking at different start-ups and connected with a friend who joined Chegg a few months earlier. He only had positive things to say, and I ended up being part of the family. Also Chegg was offering free manicures and pedicures, which made the decision a whole lot easier.

How many people were at the company when you started?

60! And now we’re hundreds so I’ve seen it through a lot of growth.

What was your first role?

I started out as a Business Analyst and had a lot of opportunities to improve our operations. Then I was given the responsibility of managing the entire catalog for our textbook business and now I’m the Finance Lead, doing the planning and financial analysis for the Textbook and eTextbook businesses.

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