Spotlight: Quintin Leong

IMG_5165Roles: Intern for Content Management (2012) and Supply Chain (2013)

“Chegg is unique as a company with their interns because even though it’s a relatively large place, the work the interns do actually has meaningful impact.”

Where do you attend school?

While I’ve been here at Chegg, I’ve been attending community college up in San Mateo, called College of San Mateo. This fall, I’ll be transferring to University of California, Santa Cruz and will be majoring in Software Engineering and Finance.

Why did you pick your majors?

Strait out of high school, I was always a talker and people always told me I should go into business. After doing a couple of internships at various tech companies, I realized that in this day and age you can’t claim mathematical ignorance and I knew I was smart enough to do it so I switched to Software Engineering. I took up finance because I have a founder and entrepreneurial spirit and know that at the end of the day you need to wear many hats, so financial literacy is definitely a must have.

How did you get introduced to Chegg?

It all happened when I started school. Since I attend community college I didn’t really have that full college experience of going away and living on a campus with a lot of activities so I knew I had to beef up my resume by adding interesting work experience. I started looking at some tech companies to work at and did an internship at a mobile app company called Chatterfly where I was doing sales and marketing there as an intern. Another Kleiner Perkins company acquired that company and Chegg’s CTO, Chuck Geiger, was an advisor to them. I met him and then through him met Chegg’s Chief Content Officer, Nathan Schultz, who told me about an internship opportunity on his team for which I interviewed.

What did you do during your first internship on the Content team?

I started off doing projects around making sure we were getting the digital content from the publishers to our internal systems and categorized it. At the same time, I did some smaller analytics projects which gave me experience in MySQL, Excel, and a few other technical programs that I use every day in my current role in Supply Chain.

What do you do in your current role in Supply Chain?

I went back to school after the summer last year when that internship was complete and halfway through the year I got called back for a role on our Supply Chain team to help build a model for Chegg’s Buy Back program. I had been programming at school on my own picking up a few more skills that helped me step into an analytical job here on the Supply Chain team. I’ve been working on everything like forecasting, book procurement, liquidating books, and logistical optimization working out the most efficient way to ship all the millions of books we have.

Are you happy with everything that you’ve been able to accomplish?

Yes, definitely. Chegg is unique as a company with their interns because even though it’s a relatively large place, the work the interns do actually has meaningful impact and I think that’s a great thing. Chegg is really sticking with their mission saying that interns are important because we are their target users as well.

Do you feel you received enough training and mentorship from people here?

Yes – on both the business and technical side. People here have been great. I got so much out of my roles here that I couldn’t have received in a classroom or book.

What’s been the best thing about your time at Chegg?

The people! They’ve made it a worthwhile experience and helped me grow both professionally and personally. I’m really happy I spent this much time here.

In general – why do you think internships are important for college students?

Internships will give you good work experience, but also they will help you realize what you like and don’t like in a company and role. That will give you a good perspective when choosing a job after college.

Since we are an education company focused on students and learning, what are you learning in your life right now?

I’m a huge fan of Coursera and have taken a few classes for the past year. My Start-Up Engineering class has been really useful giving me real world application to the things you learn in school. I’m really excited about an upcoming Linear Algebra class I’m going to take.

Now that your time is coming to an end, what are your plans now?

I’ll be headed to Hong Kong to visit my brother and will be working for an investment firm there that will have me travel to Malaysia a few times. Then, I’ll be going to Thailand with my brother for vacation. Personally, I’d love to make it out to South Korea and Japan so we’ll see if I can work that out. I get back in September and have a week to pack everything up, move into school and pick my classes. It’s going to be awesome. I’ll miss it here – the people are smart and approachable and I’ve learned a lot. I’ll come back to visit though!

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