Meet our Summer Interns: Part 3

Chegg introduced our 24 summer interns last month and now we’ve been using posts this month to showcase who these interns are and why they are excited to be here at Chegg.

In this post you’ll meet Design Intern Jen Wibowo from Rhode Island School of Design, Human Resource Intern Chelsea Brown from Cal State Long Beach, Engineering Intern Max Scheiber from University of Pennsylvania, Marketing Design Intern Yun Chi from Wellesley College, and Engineering Intern David “Blaise” Watson from Johns Hopkins University. Enjoy!

IMG_5118We have a wide variety of majors here – how did each of you choose your majors?

Chelsea: I major in Communications with a minor in Human Resources. Being in the restaurant business for three years, I realized how much I love interacting with people. I enjoy my Communications classes as much as my HR classes because both programs give me a lot of opportunities to interact with different groups of people and different audiences.

Yun: My major was a combination between Computer Science and Art, which was more like design for technology. I thought I wanted to go full force into Computer Science but realized I liked the design side of it more. I do like coding, but I’d rather tell engineering what I want and have them build it with me designing it.

Max: I’m studying Computer Science, Finance and Statistics. I’m actually studying a dual degree program called the Management and Technology Program, which is basically design for entrepreneurship. I’ve always liked programming, so Computer Science was a no brainer to me. I took a class on a whim in high school and just knew that it was really what I liked to do. Finance and Stats seem like very useful things to learn that are easily transferrable and are also inherently interesting.

Blaise: I’m also studying Computer Science; for me, it was just that I love solving problems so it seemed like a logical thing for me.

Jen: My major there is Industrial Design – which is more like Product Design. When I went to RISD, art school wasn’t exactly my first choice – but it’s a great school. I went there with a strong interest in biology and sciences. Industrial Design is a really interactive and collaborative field, so I could interact with doctors or engineers and scientists, which I really liked so that’s how I got into that focus.

Why did you choose Chegg for your internship?

Yun I heard about Chegg and this internship opportunity from Chegg’s VP HR who attended Wellesley. She sent out a message and posting to the school which caught my eye. Plus, coming from a tech background, I had recently heard of Chegg and everything they were doing so it made sense for me to look deeper.

Jen: A lot of my friends have used Chegg and know the brand. I originally heard of Chegg through a friend and looking into it, I came across the posting for the design internship. When I choosing my internship, I gravitated here because of my interest in education. I teach children social skills through the arts and have been really interested in how technology plays a part in education, so Chegg was especially interesting to me because of those things and seeing how Chegg has evolved from being a textbook rental company into more something that encompasses the entire student experience.

Blaise: Everyone uses Chegg at school, particularly for homework solution. I heard about the internship program when I applied through the Kleiner Perkins Engineering Fellowship Program and was introduced to Chegg as one of their portfolio companies.  This just seemed like a place that I’d really like to work. First of all, out of all the interactions I had with companies while interviewing, Chegg was by far the best with HR and engineering being so cool and super nice. A lot of companies made it feel like they were doing me a favor by talking with them, but Chegg was just so much more authentic with their conversations. I also really like what Chegg is doing. I use it all the time so if I can learn how to make it a little better for other students, that would be awesome.

What is the main thing you want to get out of your internship?

Max: First of all, seeing that I study both Computer Science and Business, I want to see what the right path for me may be to continue pursuing. This summer will be great to see how it is being a programmer in the real world and if it’s something I can see myself doing for a few years. I worked at a hedge fund last summer, which was the finance route. This summer is the opposite.

More intrinsically than that, I’ve always ben interested in education. I’ve been a teaching assistant ever since going to college and Chegg’s mission coincides with my mission on that front.

Chelsea: Broadly, my goal is to learn what it’s like to work in corporate life like. On a more narrow scale, it’s to learn what does HR do on a day-to-day basis. There’s a lot that goes into the people programs of the company, which I didn’t realize.

Jen: I’m excited to learn about how UX is done at a company in the real world, interacting with other groups. Seeing how UX is done with boundaries and a set amount of tools, style guides and color guides. Ultimately, I’d hope to move Chegg forward in a way that moves education forward.

Has anything surprised you so far about working here?

Blaise: Definitely how trusting you are with the interns. I’m on a team with 4 interns and they give us a lot of ownership and allow us to figure out how to do things. I certainly didn’t expect that from a big company.

Yun: I’m surprised how much work I’ve been given so far. Also, it feels like the teams here are fairly small so it surprises me how many big things a small team can accomplish. It feels like we should be bigger than we are given everything that has been accomplished.

Chelsea: I didn’t think it would be this casual and laid back. The culture is laid back and friendly, not stuffy like I thought a corporate role would be. It’s been really fun – people are playing golf and having a lot of fun. It’s very comfortable.

Max: I was surprised at the golf green! I’m a golfer and will golf a few minutes each morning since it’s a nice way to relax. I’m also surprised at how welcoming and collaborative everyone is. There are some senior programmers who I can just roll on over to and ask them something who are really happy to help out the newbie.

Since we are an education company, focused on learning – are any of you learning anything new these days?

Max: I’m learning how to go with the flow and being happy when I can.  I’m very type A and “go-get-em” with my personality and I’ve been learning this past year to chill a little and have a well-balanced life.

Blaise: I’m learning so much here – a bunch of new technologies that I haven’t used. I’m learning that from the other engineering interns. Outside of work, just getting to know the area.

Jen: I’m teaching myself how to code through Code Academy.

What advice do you have for other college students looking for an internship?

Yun: It helps to have a focus and know what you want to do. Also don’t be afraid to reach out and talk to people about opportunities.

Chelsea: Get out there and network with everyone! I use my sorority a lot for networking for many different things in life.

Max: Apply anywhere – big companies and small – along with VC firms to find out more about their portfolio companies, like I did. Even if you don’t think you’re the strongest candidate, the more interviews you have is the more practice you’ll get. Interviews can be a scary beast, so practice is key. Also, for computer science students – try and program as much as you can. I did three hackathons last year which really helped my skills.


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