Meet our Summer Interns: Part 4

Chegg introduced our 24 summer interns last month and we’ve been using posts this month to showcase who they are and why they are excited to be here at Chegg.

In this post you’ll meet Engineering QA Intern Jordan Varney from Harvey Mudd College, Content Intern Jessica Leslie from Colgate University, Marketing Intern Jen Rogers from Stanford University, Zinch Marketing Intern Jamie Ayon, headed to Princeton University this fall, and Data Engineering Intern Matt Herbst from Miami University. Enjoy!


We have a wide variety of majors here – how did each of you choose your majors?

Matt: I’m technically in a dual program at Miami where I’ll graduate in 2014 with my Bachelors in Political Science and History and Masters in Computer Science. I’m big into politics and my dad teaches politics so that’s how I got into that. History is for fun since I love history. I worked in Congress for 7 months, which was a great experience but it taught me that it wasn’t really what I wanted to do so I refocused with Computer Science. I originally thought about a triple major, but my professors told me that was dumb and I should go get a Masters. I had taken a few Comp Sci classes and had been programming on my own for a while; I’ve always been a big gamer, so this made sense to me.

Jen: I’m studying Science, Technology and Society. This is a major unique to Stanford and my focus is on work organizations and technology. Within that, my concentration is Management Science and Engineering. Since it’s interdisciplinary, I get to take classes in other areas like Sociology, History, and Psychology, so it becomes much richer academic program for me.

Jessica: I just graduated from Colgate where I majored in Peace and Conflict Studies. I was trying out a lot of different things, like Sociology and Geography and then I took an introductory course in my major and loved it. It’s very inter-disciplinary and gives exposure to so many different fields.

Jordan: Computer Science was something I knew I could do for 15 hours straight and enjoy it. Back in high school I took a Comp Sci class and did that. Back in high school a lot of my friends and I were into Computer Science and once I chose Harvey Mudd I knew that I’d be able to have an active social life and be part of a robust program.

Jamie: I’m not quite sure yet what my major will be at Princeton. I know I like Marketing and I’m interested Music Business. I took a few classes and have been talking with managers of small local bands to find out more about their roles. I’m learning that it has a lot do with “human marketing’ which sounds a little morbid, but it’s about marketing your product. I do enjoy music and would like to be involved in the entertainment industry on the business or marketing side, so that will probably help me find my major.

Why did you choose Chegg for your internship?

Matt: I really wanted to come out west and do something technical so Chegg fit that bill. Also, I connect a lot with what Chegg is all about. I’m an RA at school and I liked that I could relate to Chegg’s mission.  Also, with the size of Chegg, I felt that there was a decent chance I’d have a lot of access to people.

Jordan: Harvey Mudd is the school that won the Taylor Swift competition so I learned about it from that. Then over winter break I visited the company, and it seemed like such a fun place. I like that Chegg is helping people my age and I already see that there are people from various departments asking me for my opinion on things so I feel like I can be helpful to Chegg in more than only one way.

Jamie: My high school had a “career incubator” and some Chegg employees came to talk about their roles in marketing a couple years ago. Then the next year, I came to Chegg on a Job Shadow day where I shadowed HR and Recruiting. These programs really helped me understand more about Chegg and I really liked everything that was going on and the people who worked here.

Jessica: I wanted to get experience in a business that has a socially conscious side to it and the way that Chegg helps students really appealed to me.

What is the main thing you want to get out of your internship?

Jordan: I want to learn as much as I can. I know I’m helping Chegg a little with the work that I’m doing, but also I’m learning a ton from my boss and team just by seeing what they do. So I’m hoping to leave here knowing more about Computer Science and the industry.

Jamie: Going into college, I want to get a better feel for marketing, what it entails and see how a business is run. I’m enjoying it so far so I think I’m headed in the right direction. Also having just graduated high school and being dedicated to school, I’ve always heard people say that education and your major leads you to your career. I don’t necessarily think that’s the case any longer since there are Art majors becoming doctors for example. Now I feel that your major doesn’t determine who you are, so I wanted to get some knowledge of what the workspace is like since that’s not something you can learn in a classroom.

Matt: To see how an enterprise environment works for Computer Science. Last year, I worked at an office with 12 people so this is totally different. The office is so different so it’s giving me a different feel for what I may want to do. Also, because I’m a little late to the game with Computer Science, in my classes I feel that conceptually I understand the topics as well as the other students, but I’m a bit behind with my programming experience, so real world programming experience will help me get caught up.

Has anything surprised you so far about working here?

Jen: I had heard a lot about Chegg but I didn’t know how open the culture was. I had done freelancing and consulting before and it’s totally a different environment. Also – everyone is so willing to teach you. I was worried at first to go up to employees and ask questions, but people are really welcoming. Plus, the gym and all the fun things in the building really surprised me.

Jordan: I didn’t really know too much about everything that Chegg For Good did. I helped plan the recent Techbridge STEM Field Trip for middle school girls which was so much fun. I kind of wish I was an intern for Chegg For Good!

Why do you think internships are important for college students?

Jen: They give you such a sense on what to expect in the real world. I was blessed to grow up in Silicon Valley with so many great companies in my back yard, and it’s so great for students since there are so many possibilities out here. Plus the experience can give you so much more confidence.

Matt: The connections are important, but it’s good to know if this is what you want to do. If I graduated and went into politics without having that internship experience to help me realize that I didn’t want to do that, it would have been really hard.

Jordan: To help you grow and learn. My Computer Science classes can only teach me so much and this allows me to see what actual professionals do in a tech company.

Since we are an education company, focused on learning – are any of you learning anything new these days?

Jessica: I just moved to San Francisco, so I’m learning public transportation around a new city. I’m also trying to listen to my French tapes more. I used them a lot when I studied abroad in Morocco and am trying to get back into them.

Jen: I’m getting my pilots license. I’ve always wanted to do it so after 3 years of talking about it I decided to commit. I’ve got 40 hours with my instructor and after that’s doubled, I can solo and fly on my own. It may be terrifying to those who see me drive, but it’s the most exciting thing right now.

Jamie: I’m trying to learn Korean so I’m teaching myself Hangul, which is the Korean alphabet. I became interested in Korean learning about Korean Pop as a music genre. I liked the beat but didn’t know what they were saying so I got into the characters and from there, the alphabet.

What advice do you have for other college students looking for an internship?

Jessica: Don’t limit yourself. Try new things, even if it’s in a different industry than what you think you “should” do with regards to your major.

Matt: Keep a good network and online presence.

Jen: Use your network – not to see what they can do for you, but to see what they know. People know of a lot of companies and opportunities that you may not so it’s great to get out there and find out as much as you can.

Is there anything else you’d like to add about your experience so far at Chegg?

Jordan: Even in days that I’m tired, all my coworkers make me smile. The people here are fun and hilarious.

Jamie: I really like it here; the layout is very inviting and open, which encourages communication and interaction between departments. Plus, everyone is very welcoming to the interns and the company All Hands felt like a pep rally!


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