Chegg’s eTextbook Team Conducts Diary Study with College Students

Last week the Chegg eTextbook team kicked off an interesting new project at San Jose State University. In conjunction with SJSU Professor Anne Lawrence and her Business and Society class (BUS3 166)  the eTextbook team will analyze student’s eTextbook usage and study habits throughout the 14-week semester. This kind of long term study is often referred to as a “Diary Study”.

Chegg-eTextbook-team-SJSUChegg eTextbook Team Members visiting the SJSU Campus:  (from left) Colin Murphy, Haley Nguyen, Shannyn Timrott, Kaari Peterson


During the study, students are required to submit feedback weekly and answer survey questions based on their experience using the Chegg eTextbook with the Business and Society textbook content. This survey/diary information will be shared with the eTextbook Team. The Team will then make adjustments and improvements to the Chegg eTextbook user experience and product design based on the Student’s feedback.

“This is the first time that Chegg has done a diary study like this so we’re excited! It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to make the Chegg eTextbook design something that really meets the needs of students. At Chegg we say that we “put students first” and this diary study is a shining example of that philosophy.”  — Colin Murphy, Chegg Product Leader

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