St. Patrick’s Day, Chegg Style

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, Chegg decided to treat its employees to festivities that included Leprechaun Hat Tosses, Thumb Wars, and tons of delicious food and drink! During the Leprechaun Hat Toss, each pair was to take turns in 30 second intervals to try and toss/stick as many Velcro covered ping pong balls to the top of the others’ leprechaun hat.

leprechaun hat toss

The competition was fierce, but alas, our Performance Marketing Manager, David Dang, and Performance Marketing Leader, Gary Tsang (pictured below, respectively), emerged as the victors, ending in a combined score of 9 ping pong balls.


On the other end of the quad, thumb wars quickly escalated. From debates of who’s letting go and whose arm is moving up, we devised a system in which one person would manually hold down the arms of the competitors while they battled it out to the finish. After countless challenges, our Senior Software Engineer, Doug Campbell, pictured left in the photo below, emerged as the winner.



(We even had a 7 person thumb war!)

If you think your thumb wrestling or ping pong tossing skills are a match for our employees, then maybe you should come join the team! We are hiring! Check out our open jobs here.


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