Spotlight: Albert Tseng

Albert Tseng PicRole: Front End Engineer for Chegg’s High School Student Services

Hire Date: January 2014

Fun Fact: Before Chegg, he had played two months-worth of ping pong in his life. Since coming to Chegg, he plays ping pong almost every day.

“Chegg is so much more than textbooks; Chegg is actually trying to revamp the student experience, starting from high school all the way out to grad school, and even maybe onwards after that. “

How did you get into Software Engineering?

I became interested in my field from taking a couple of C++ courses during college, but once I started working as an electrical engineer, I realized that I was not challenged enough in the workplace. Meanwhile, the entire world was going kind of crazy with developing apps, which prompted me to start getting back into coding and taking courses online, such as MOOCS or self-learning materials. Through working myself through these courses and developing some simple things, I realized that I had a strong interest and passion for it. I found out about the software boot camp in San Francisco and decided to make the jump in my career from an electrical engineer to a software engineer.

Why did you decide to come to Chegg?

Chegg is one of those companies I’ve heard of and used while in college. Once I did more research, I found out that Chegg is actually much more than just a textbook company; Chegg is actually trying to revamp the student experience, starting from high school all the way out to grad school, and even maybe onwards after that. We are only at the beginning of this transition and are trying to build out this entire platform to meet this goal. I am really excited to be doing something big that makes such a difference to high school students, college students, grad students, etc.

What have you been working on lately?

Since week three of working at Chegg, I started working on school pages, which is one of the stepping stones to merging Zinch into Chegg. I’ve been working on building a big portion of the school pages for the last two months or so and I’m happy to say it’s very near its completion to release to the general public. The school pages are a vital experience for high school or college students to check out schools or express their interest, which applies to undergrad applicants, as well as transfer students, since it helps connect students with colleges and vice versa.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to start in a Software Engineer like this at Chegg?

I would say that setting up the environment and getting the process to work is always the hardest part. Developing, writing code, or even debugging isn’t necessarily the hardest part; the hardest part is dealing with stuff that isn’t apparent. My advice is to power through and keep working at it and to ask questions since there are definitely a lot more people around who know a lot more. I’m earlier in my career and I’ve realized that there are a lot of industry-level best practices that go beyond just Chegg. Try to be self-sufficient, know what to ask about, and look things up if you have to. It will be hard in the beginning, but continue to persevere and don’t give up because it will come to you eventually.

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