Intern Fun Event #1: Computer History Museum

On a beautiful Thursday in May, the Chegg 2014 interns cut work early and headed to the Computer History Museum. This museum is a Silicon Valley favorite and houses the largest and most significant collection of computing artifacts in the world! Along with Program Manager, Lora Kyle, 10 of the 26 Chegg interns got a chance to learn the 2000 year old history of computers by viewing and interacting with more than 1000 historic artifacts; including abacuses, the world’s first adding machine, punch card machines, some of the very first computers of the 1940’s and 1950’s, supercomputers, the first PCs, microchips, video games, mobile devices and much more. It wasn’t just a day for looking back, Chegg interns also got a glimpse into the future through multimedia exhibitions and displays, like jumping in the Google Street View car and experiencing Surrogate Travel. DSCN0998

After the museum experience, Chegg interns got to enjoy the California sunshine with some ice cream in downtown Mountain View. What a fun day! The only way to top it is by having more interns start at Chegg. With interns starting their summer internships every Monday in June, we’ll soon have more fun events with the full 2014 intern class!

DSCN1031Here are our “Lauren” interns, Lauren Speers and Lauren Yeary, respectively

Pictured above are interns, Alireza Louni and Ilya Pletenyuk, who are enjoying the exhibits at the Computer History Museum


And here is our lovely University and Intern Recruiting Program Manager, Lora Kyle!

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