Cookies with Rookies!

Wednesday 6/18 kicked off our big, official welcome to our 2014 Chegg Interns! In an event called “Cookies with Rookies”, full time employees were encouraged to represent their alma maters by wearing some type of school branded clothing and were able to mingle and eat delicious cookies with the interns. Once everyone had grabbed some treats, they participated in a game called “WhoDoneIt?!”, in which full time employees had to form teams of six, with two interns max per group, to match a list of random intern facts to the right intern.

Setting up for “WhoDoneIt?!”

Each team could only designate one person to run up to the board to stick the clue onto the right picture one at a time, and only had 10 minutes to complete it. Whichever team had the most correct matches, won.

photo 4

Look at them run!


Once the 10 minutes were up, the interns were matched with numerous fun facts, some of which were correct, some of them, not so much.


The full time employees mingled with the interns while they waited for the results to be announced

The blue team ended up winning with a score of 20/25 and each team member was awarded an Itunes gift card. Way to go blue team!


After the big welcome, our Chegg 2014 Interns are officially ready for #OrangeSummer!


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