Intern Speaker Series

About two times each week, a different Chegg employee participates in the Intern Speaker Series, where they talk to the interns about their experiences and career paths that led them to their current roles at Chegg. To date, we have had the following speak at our Intern Speaker Series:

Rob Chestnut – General Counsel

Usher Lieberman – VP, Communications

Anne Dwane – Chief Business Officer

Nathan Schultz – Chief Content Officer

Linda Sill and John Fabello – Sr. Recruiters

photo 2

Senior Recruiters Linda Sill and John Fabello teaching interns how NOT to shake hands when you come in for an interview. A good, firm handshake is definitely the way to go, especially for #OrangeSummer!

The interns are able to “pick their brains” and ask as many questions as they feel needed within the hour long session so that they can gain insightful knowledge that they can apply to their own career paths one day.

photo 3

Nathan Schultz, Chief Content Officer, really getting involved in the Speakers Series. #OrangeSummer

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