Spotlight: Jeff Buening


Role:  Business Development Manager for Content and Services

Hire Date:  July 2012

Fun Fact:  Jeff has visited 47 of the 50 United States.

“…everyone is very accessible. If you have ideas, you pursue them and people listen to you. It’s been very refreshing.”

What is the main focus of your role?

The first thing is to think about additional content and services outside textbooks and homework help that will either compliment or provide new areas of use for students on Chegg. Then secondly, opportunistically, looking into some strategic partnerships we can do with various companies in the education space that can either improve the experience on Chegg or can increase the number of people using existing Chegg services.

How would you describe your first 8 months at Chegg?

It’s been a whirlwind! It’s been a crash course for me about Chegg, the culture here and the education space in general, having not spent a ton of time in the education space before, it’s been great learning very quickly about the marketplace and the opportunities and challenges. The team has been incredibly impressive and helpful

Since you weren’t in the education space before, how hard is it for someone to come in here from a different industry and ramp up?

Not hard. There are so many resources here from the people who have been in the industry for a while to help out; and frankly, we all have some sort of knowledge from our own experience of being a student in education, which is helpful. This space is so dynamic so knowing the landscape is very important; there is a ton of great information out there to help get you up to speed.

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Spotlight: Leviticus Williams

LeviRole: Social Media Manager

Hire date:  June 2010

Fun facts:  Started with Chegg (Cramster) as an intern. Spent time in South Africa and Zambia last summer with Chegg for Good and ONE.

“I love the daily challenges I face here. I work as part of a very collaborative team in Marketing, so I’m given the opportunity to come up with ideas and then can plan and execute on those ideas from start to finish.”

How long have you been at Chegg?

During my senior year of college at University of Southern California, I started at Cramster as an intern in June 2010. Chegg acquired Cramster in December 2010 and I stayed and moved up to the Santa Clara headquarters; I’ve been part of Chegg ever since.

What do you do here now?

I’m responsible for fueling the daily social conversation Chegg has with students.  This is a combination of speaking to relevant topics based on the collegiate life cycle and driving the conversation around Chegg-related products, services and events.

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Spotlight: Paul Kim


Role: Director of UI Engineering

Hire Date: February 2012

Previous experience: Yahoo! Netflix

Fun facts: Two patents at Yahoo! Was Giants’ relief pitcher Sergio Romo for Halloween

“Being at Chegg… it really comes down to the people. It’s a great mix of talent you can learn from, take those experiences and turn them into something that’s memorable.”

What does your team do?

The UI Engineering team partners with product, design, back office engineering, business intelligence and the other various teams within Chegg to deliver new features and improvements to our commerce, search, personalization, and customer service flows. We’re responsible for the majority of the HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP code on the site.

Where were you before Chegg?

A little company called Netflix, if you can call 500 employees at the time, “little”. Initially, I lead Customer Service Engineering (CSE) and managed the full application stack for our call centers. and later seized the opportunity to lead the UI Engineering team for Netflix and the infamous Qwikster.

Why did you choose to come to Chegg?

Primarily because of the people, but equally important is the opportunity to work with the student demographic in the tech education. I really like the space itself and the young minds that are excited about the next cool thing, so being able to learn and discover what that is, is pretty cool.

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